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Inspiring Bystander Intervention (Facilitator-Led)

On Demand

This mobile-friendly online course improves empathy and decreases instances of harassment through storytelling and blended learning - changing learner behavior both consciously and unconsciously.

Following this course, your students:

  • participate in a more active and proactive dialogue when they witness harassment;
  • take harassment issues more seriously;
  • recognize complex or nuanced situations such as harassment, if applicable;
  • identify if a situation requires the intervention of the spectator;
  • build a personalized intervention strategy that is natural and effective;
  • Know how to scale problems to the right reporting channels within your company.

Includes a digital and printable facilitator's guide and exercise booklet for employees to fill out along with the training.

This course for mobile devices is available through our LMS or you can easily integrate learning on your own.

Aggressive bulk prices available for more than 50 licenses. For a consultation, call us at (720) 378-8340 or send an email to

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