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Inspiring Bystander Intervention

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This SPHR-approved, blended learning approach to anti-harassment gets learners to consciously and subconsciously process issues around harassing behavior. Following this course, your learners will:

  • take issues of harassment with greater seriousness;
  • recognize complex or nuanced situations as harassment, if applicable;
  • identify if a situation requires bystander intervention;
  • build a personalized intervention strategy that is both natural and effective;
  • seek out hostile or harassing people and begin engaging in productive dialogue with them.

We provide your team with the ability to determine if behavior is inappropriate, ways to gauge the level of their personal intervention, and resources for them to design a personal strategy for intervention.

This course includes a digital and printable workbook that includes empathy exercises and additional resources.

It is available through our LMS or you may easily integrate the learning into your own.

Bulk prices available at the following tiers:

  • 100+   seats = 10%
  • 250+   seats = 15%
  • 500+   seats = 20%
  • 1000+ seats = 25%
  • 1500+ seats = 30%
  • 2000+ seats = 35%
  • 3000+ seats = 40%
  • 5000+ seats = Call Us

This course requires a one-time setup fee of $149.


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